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Joseph A. Hey & Sons' Funeral Directors

Joseph A. Hey & Sons Ltd is a long-standing, family-owned funeral director service based in Bradford, established in 1908. The company prides itself on its deep-rooted history in the community, tracing its family-owned pedigree in funeral services back to 1856, which is considered one of the longest-established businesses in Bradford.
The company is currently managed by members of the fourth generation of the Hey family. Joan (Jo) Hey Morphet, who holds a Diploma in Funeral Directing, is the company secretary and director. Robert Morphet, who has been involved in the funeral profession since 1980, is the Managing Director. He holds a Diploma in Funeral Directing, a Diploma in Management Studies, and an MBA.
Joseph A. Hey & Sons Ltd offers a range of funeral services, recognizing that each funeral is a unique and memorable occasion. They aim to tailor services to individual needs, whether it's a traditional church service or a simple cremation. The company operates around the clock to serve the local community and ease the burden of loss.