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Information, links and rides.
http://dmoz.org/Recreation/Autos/Clubs/    More Info
Car number plates. 
In the market for number plates for your car but not sure where to start. UKNumberPlates.org offers the best service and lowest prices on all your registration needs. Whether for your or someone else as a gift, car number plates from UKNumberPlates.org are sure to be a hit.
http://www.uknumberplates.org/    More Info
Classic Car Club of America 
Images, events, ads and forums.
http://www.classiccarclub.org/    More Info
DVLA car registration plates. 
When you're on the lookout for personalized and DVLA car registration plates then iPlates.co.uk is your best choice. Quality service and the lowest prices make us the dealer of the dealers. By or sell: All the DVLA car registration plates are available here.
http://www.iplates.co.uk/    More Info
The best price and service (whether you're buying or selling DVLA plates) is available at ThePrivatePlateCompany.co.uk. We're the dealer to the dealers and we insure that you're getting the best prices around. No hidden fees and fast turnaround insure that your purchase (or sale) of DVLA plates is simple, fast, convenient and affordable.
http://www.theprivateplatecompany.co.uk/    More Info
Modified Cars 
The best moddified cars in the UK, Images, Videos, Forums, Help & Advice
http://www.howzmyflying.com    More Info
Personalised number plates. 
When you get your personalised number plates from MyOwnPlate.co.uk you're guaranteed the lowest prices and best service available. We're the dealer to the dealers and located just blocks away from the DVLA to you're insured of fast service and low pricing. Whether for your or as a gift, our number plates are sure to impress.
http://www.myownplate.co.uk/    More Info